About Martin

A specialist in the business for almost 15 years, Martin is no stranger to the business of barbering.  Martin was born into a family of renowned barbers and hair stylists.  

Martin has earned the title of Celebrity Barber, achieving five front cover magazines in a pool magazine.  His clientele includes Hollywood actors, Spanish soap opera stars, movie producers, political figures and sports personalities.

Beyond the accolades and rubbing shoulders with celebrities, Martin is a humble, down to earth and God-fearing human being.  His clients stay loyal to him not only because of his world class skills as a Master Barber, but also because of his passion in his craft and his warm, pleasant personality.

What makes Martin tick is quite simple.  In his words, “ I love what I do and where I'm doing it.  Getting up for work every day is easy - I never watch the clock and for that I am thankful. I can't imagine a career I wasn't passionate about "