Our Story

BOSSMAN Barbershop Store front

An immigrant from Croatia, bravely migrating alone to the land of opportunities, Martin arrived New York at the tender age of 16 with nothing but ambition and determination. Coming from a family of barbers and hair stylists, Martin wasted no time and started cutting hair to survive from the time he arrived New York.

Years later, a love story good enough for Hollywood blossomed when Hannah spotted Martin at a New York train that turned a spark of conversation to a lifelong flame of love, partnership and friendship.

Martin and Hannah moved to Arizona in 2014 with the dream of owning a barbershop. Their dream came true but was short lived when their business partnership with an entrepreneur went sour.

Determined to transform their dreams to reality, the couple worked as a barber and a hair stylist at Boss Barbershop 2.  In an unexpected strike of luck, the shop owner offered to sell the barbershop to Martin and Hannah.  The couple moved mountains to raise the capital required. Borrowing money from all the relatives and friends they knew, from Croatia to the US, with sheer determination and unwavering desire to fulfill their dream, BOSSMAN BARBERSHOP was born.

For Martin and Hannah, and to those who know them intimately, BOSSMAN BARBERSHOP is a symbol of hope, determination and passion.