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With nearly 15 years of expertise in the barbering industry, Martin is a seasoned professional who was born into a family of esteemed barbers and hair stylists. His exceptional talent has earned him the title of Celebrity Barber, with his work gracing the covers of five prominent magazines. Martin’s clientele is as diverse as it is impressive, including Hollywood actors, Spanish soap opera stars, movie producers, political figures, and sports personalities.

Despite his numerous accolades and high-profile clients, Martin remains humble, down-to-earth, and deeply respectful of his faith. His loyal clients are drawn to him not only for his world-class skills as a Master Barber but also for his unwavering passion and warm, pleasant personality.

Martin’s drive is fueled by a simple philosophy. As he puts it, “I love what I do and where I’m doing it. Getting up for work every day is easy – I never watch the clock, and for that, I am thankful. I can’t imagine a career I wasn’t passionate about.”


An immigrant from Croatia, Martin bravely migrated alone to the land of opportunities, arriving in New York at the tender age of 16 with nothing but ambition and determination. Coming from a family of barbers and hair stylists, Martin immediately began cutting hair to make a living.

Years later, a love story fit for Hollywood unfolded when Hannah noticed Martin on a New York train. A spark of conversation ignited a lifelong flame of love, partnership, and friendship.

In 2014, Martin and Hannah moved to Arizona with the dream of owning a barbershop. Their dream materialized but was short-lived due to a failed business partnership with an entrepreneur. Undeterred, the couple continued working as a barber and hair stylist at Boss Barbershop 2.

Then, in an unexpected stroke of luck, the shop owner offered to sell the barbershop to Martin and Hannah. Determined to make their dream a reality, the couple moved mountains to raise the necessary capital. They borrowed money from relatives and friends across Croatia and the US, fueled by sheer determination and an unwavering desire to succeed. Thus, BOSSMAN BARBERSHOP was born.

To Martin, Hannah, and those who know them intimately, BOSSMAN BARBERSHOP stands as a symbol of hope, determination, and passion.

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